Aligning Sound and Space

Positive Sound improves the functional quality of the environment by making the soundscape complement the use of the space. This we call Positive Sound.

Positive Sound closes the gap between soundscape studies and spatial design. Sound is an aspect that gets hardly any attention in urban design. Spaces that are welcoming for people to stay create connection and a sense of belonging. By aligning sound and environment inviting spaces are formed. Positive Sound offers research, consulting and education on integrating sound and urban design.

Many (public) spaces are not inviting to stay in, because they are designed without incorporating the aspect of sound. We need designers/planners to consider all aspects and influences of the surroundings, including sound. Space should be designed with users in mind and sound is an aspect that hardly gets any attention in urban design. We want to close the gap between soundscape studies and spatial design, so that urban design creates inviting places for people to stay. Spaces that are inviting to stay offer connection between people and connection with the surroundings. They create a sense of belonging.

Positive Sound wants to make the world a better place through Urban Sound Design.