Beurskwartier and Lombokplein Utrecht

Positive Sound was asked to look into the possibilities of improving the liveability through sound of the district Beurskwartier in Utrecht by Living Lab (a collaboration of the Municipality of Utrecht, the Province of Utrecht, Rijkswaterstaat, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate).

Positive Sound

Take a look at our research report. (Dutch only)


Experience the situation of the location. 

Experience the sound of the Beurskwartier and Lombokplein in Utrecht from the autumn of 2018. The interactive map shows 7 different locations during a day. The sound scapes are supported with film and demonstrate the mismatch between the sound and the environment. In many cases the sound scape is not complementing the use of the location.


Representation of a healthier Beurskwartier by aligning sound and space

This interactive map makes the possibilities for sound in urban planning perceptible. The Positive Sound Walk lets you experience the possibilities of fitting sound scapes for the Beurskwartier and Lombokplein in Utrecht. Positive Sound Walk is made to listen via headphones and is best experienced on location.


Interested in the possibilities for sound in urban planning or research on what fitting sound scapes are in your environment? Wondering what we can offer you? Please contact us.